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A unique investment company.

Bryce Catalyst is managed by highly recognized software operators
with a proven track record of growing software & technology companies.

We are NOT traditional private equity and venture capitalists.
Our careers have been focused on building business from the ground up.

Early Stage Investments

Investments in early stage companies have historically been unavailable to private investors as large networks within the startup landscape have been vital. By leveraging our experience and personal network, Bryce Catalyst presents a unique investment opportunity in high growth sectors such as Cyber Security, LegalTech, and RegTech.

Therefore, early stage investments can be very lucrative, albeit carrying higher risk than investment in mature companies. However, it is very important to mitigate risk to the fullest extent possible. Bryce Catalyst’s experience operating early stage companies and seasoned approach to investing provides a strong foundation to mitigating risk.

Our Thesis

Bryce Catalyst focuses on high growth sectors like
Cyber Security, Legal Technology and Regulation Technology.





The Fund Focuses on Women-Led, Woman-Founded Startups with Help from Bryce Catalyst Team

“They have to be venture-backable and tech-enabled”, stated Bryce Catalyst Advisor, Gabriel Isturiz . “We believe women are building $1 billion businesses, and we have an advantage in finding them. We get to see deals before venture capitalists, and our secret sauce is our network of LPs that helps us get to know amazing founders.”

Bryce Catalyst investment dealcloser Obtains SOC 2 Type 2 Certification

“As operators for operators, we have an affinity for closely held and operator-owned companies that are in need of growth capital and experienced operators,” said Cary Burch, President and CEO of Bryce Catalyst.

US investment firm Bryce Catalyst closes $1.75m seed round in dealcloser

“Bryce Catalyst is unique because we’re bundling up three pieces that need to work together. We’re not private equity or venture capital; we’re operators running businesses and raising money to help people like us,” said Cary Burch, President and CEO of Bryce Catalyst.

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